Matching but not meeting?

Wandure is the only dating app that plans a first date for every match

we're humble, we promise

The cure to endless swiping

On Wandure, a match results in a date that we plan and book for you and your match. No endless swiping. No tedious texting. Just dates. We match people to engage in real life.

Texting sucks

Ever had your sarcasm totally misunderstood in a text? Avoid that stress with Wandure. Match. Meet. Bring on the wit in person, and replace :) with an actual smile.

Cut to the chase

Avoid endless swiping, tedious texting, and small talk.  Get to know your match's energy in person.

We plan the date

Delight in a surprise adventure with your match. All you have to do is show up. We’ll take care of the rest.

Overwhelmed by online dating?
Replace :) with an actual smile. Get to know your matches IRL with Wandure.